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          Extruder screw barrel technical indicators
          Author:admin  From:The Internet  Time:2015-7-19 10:37:24  Click:2833

          Material selection of high-quality aluminum chromium molybdenum 38 (38CrMOALA) quenched hardness: HB240 ~ 280
          Nitriding hardness: HV≥850
          Nitriding depth: 0.45 ~ 0.80mm
          Nitride fragility: ≤ two
          Surface roughness: Ra0.4
          Linearity of the screw: 0.015mm
          Nitrided Hard chrome plated Degree: HV≥900
          Chrome plating thickness: 0.03 ~ 0.10mm
          Dual alloy hardness: HRC56 ~ 65 (alloy using nickel-based alloys)
          Alloy Depth: 1.2 ~ 3.0mm

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