Things You Didn’t Know You Could Recycle

In the given era of increasing pollution levels, recycling is a major part of our daily lives. While environmental organizations from across the world preach the importance of recycling and reusing, it is high time that we, as individuals, realize the power of recycling towards saving our planet. Trees all across the world are being cut down at a rapid rate towards meeting the increasing needs of the end users. Right from paper to paper cups, biodegradable items, cartons, and so more –all of these are obtained from trees and its byproducts. As such, through recycling, you can contribute effectively towards minimizing your individual waste generation.

Though the recycling technology is currently evolving, it is high time that you learn about some of the recycling basics for a sustainable future. Here are some of the top things or items that you did not know you could recycle and make your effective contribution towards the planet Earth:

  • Paper Coffee Cups: The individuals across the world make use of billions of coffee cups or pods every year. As soon as they receive their daily dosage of the much-needed caffeine, the coffee cups end up as garbage. However, unless you make use of the high-quality biodegradable coffee cups offered by some leading companies, this garbage could turn out to be a big mess to this planet. The good news is that even when you do not have access to biodegradable coffee cups, you can still recycle the coffee pods. There are several ways of recycling or reusing the coffee cups that can serve better for the environment.
  • Soft Plastics: These might include plastic bags, cling wrap, bubble wraps, and orange nets. The soft plastics could create havoc for the entire environment when not treated in the right manner. However, you can reduce your contribution to plastic waste by recycling these soft plastics that you make use of on a daily basis. There are various Recycle Plants or industries that accept these used soft plastics and convert them into usable zip-lock bags, plastic bags, and so more. Moreover, you can also consider reusing these soft plastics over and again whenever you go shopping or for some other chores.
  • Cans: Love drinking your favorite soft drink from an can? Cans are usually made of aluminum and steel –both of which are non-renewable and can be recycled over and again without any loss of its quality. You must note that it takes far lesser energy resources to recycle aluminum and steel in comparison to producing them for a completely new material or item.
  • X-ray Films: Every time you go for an X-ray checkup, you are back home with a large sheet of X-ray film. Worried about what to utilize it for? These X-ray films are made out of PET plastic with a silver filming in the form of halides. During recycling, the silver can be extracted from the film into pure silver that can be used for jewelry and various other types of silverware.

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Getting Your Ceramic Hob Sparkling

There are some parts of your kitchen that are going to get used more than others. Your hob is one of them. The majority of dinners will require you to fire up the hob and this means that in no time at all, this part of your kitchen is going to get a little grubby.

If you want to get it sparkling again, then we have put together our top tips for getting yourself a sparkling ceramic hob, which is ready for you to cook on.

Remove all the food first

There is absolutely no point making the effort to scrub away at the hob if it is still full of food. You should always make sure that all the food is removed first, as this means that you can tackle the stains without anything else getting in the way.

Use the right product

Once you are ready to get cleaning, it is best to use a cleaning fluid that is specially designed to tackle ceramic hob. You should only need a small amount, which can then be wiped around the hob. These particular cleaning fluids are completely smooth and they will make sure that you can rub away the food and not leave any marks or scratches. It is always a good idea to read through the instructions before you squirt the product on of course.

Let it soak in

It is a good idea to let the cleaning solution have some time to work, as this means that any stains and debris will be softened and easier to removed. You should keep your eye on the product though, as if it dries out completely this won’t help you cleaning it!

Grab a cloth

When it comes to cleaning your hob a microfibre cloth is going to be a good idea. This is because this particular cloth is not only strong, but is also soft too. Which means that you won’t damage the delicate surface.

Tackle trickier stains

If you find that the microfibre cloth isn’t quite doing the trick, then it is time to grab something a little more unusual. Scrunched newspaper can be a great helper, not only is it rougher in texture which will help to remove stubborn stains, but it won’t damage the ceramic hob.

Never use anything abrasive

The last thing you will want to do is to use any kind of abrasive fluid on your ceramic hob. You may think that this is the best thing for tackling tough stains, but you can end up damaging your precious hob top. Similarly, you don’t want to use anything like a knife on the hob top as this can also scratch the surface.

If your hob is looking less than clean, then there are ways that you can make sure it looks its best again, you just need to be careful what you use, as you could end up making the problem a whole lot worse.

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Appliance Repair & Maintenance

Appliance repair versus replacement

There are many major appliances that form part of everyday modern life. Without these amazing appliances, people would be spending time washing their clothes by hand and cooking meals over open fires.
A broken appliance can cause quite a problem is most households, and this bring us nicely to the topic of this article, whether to repair or replace the broken appliance.
When it comes to repairing appliances, every device will eventually reach a point of minimal return. Logic should dictate, that if it is cheaper to fix a broken appliance than to replace one, then the smart money will be with the fixing option. However, if an appliance is likely to break down in the near future, then it doesn’t exactly make sense to repair it, instead invest in a new technologically advanced appliance with warranty.

Here are some key points to consider when deciding whether or not to fix or upgrade to a new appliance:

The key point to consider is the age of the appliance. The age will help determine whether you should replace or repair. Most appliance typically have an average life span and when that life span has been reached or passed, then it is usually a good idea to replace the appliance. However, there are exceptions to this general rule when it comes to age, antiques and really high end appliances are those exceptions. It will probably always work out more cost effective to repair these types of appliances than to replace.

Warranty is obviously a key factor to consider. It is worth checking if your appliance is still under warranty because if it is, then you are likely to be able to have it repaired, usually free of charge. When buying you next appliance, definitely consider the period of warranty as it is important due to certain parts being very expensive and in some cases, can cost more than that of a new appliance. Depending on your locality, ensure that the warranty is covered by a factory authorised appliance repair shop.

Price, granted this will be one of the biggest considerations. What we typically hear from appliance repair experts is that when the price of the appliance repair costs more than half the cost to purchase a new appliance, then you are usually much better off buying a brand new appliance.

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